Our company offers various types of flat and round strands and flexibars. We supply mesh in various designs from delicate knitwear to heavyweight multi-layer belts.


The ability of individual wires to bend without curing is the reason why braiding is appropriate where vibrational or movement conditions are likely to occur. The fixed bend radius is ideal where there are alignment problems or where space restrictions apply.



- Large selection of sizes

- Material: Cu, CuSn, Al, INOX

- Wire dimensions from 0,051 mm to Ø 0,4 mm

- Surfaces and round cross-section from 0.5 mm2 to 1000 mm2

- Option of extruded PVC jacket

- Delivery in required lengths

Sleeving/Screening Braid


The primary use of a sleeving braid is to provide sensitive cables with an EMC screen to shield them against electromagnetic, electrostatic and radio frequency interference.


Nickel-plated copper is suitable for use at elevated temperatures and for harsh environments or where abrasion is likely to be encountered, stainless steel or galvanised wire is an option.

The sleeve allows a large range of expansion of from 2.0 mm to 100 mm diameter.

Highly Flexible Round Stranded Copper Cables - Similar to DIN 46438


These cables are made of Cu-ETP1 wires with a diameter of 0.05 / 0.07 or 0.10 mm according to the required cross section.


Thanks to the high flexibility due to the use of thin wires and larger cross-sections, they are suitable for spaces that require movement and higher current capacity.

Copper flat braids


These tapes are manufactured from annealed or tinned Cu-ETP1 wires (from 0,05mm to 0,10mm diameter) according to DIN EN 13602 as flat rolled tubes.

We offer pure copper and tinned wire with cross sections of 1.0 - 1000.0 mm2

Earthing Tapes


These connectors are made of highly flexible bands that are braided from annealed Cu-ETP conductors and non-welding contact surfaces pressed from seamless Cu-ETP tubes.

It is possible to produce these jumpers according to customer needs.

plaits are supplied from wire 0.05-0.20 in CU and CuSn design.

If insulation is required, there are options such as PVC, silicone or shrink tubes and extruded PVC.

Flexible Press Welded Expansion Connectors


These connectors are constructed from Cu-HCP foils with a thickness of 0,10 to 0,30 mm by overlapping the needed amount together and welding their ends as required contact areas without using any welding additive. This special welding process takes places under high pressure and intensive heat. These connectors have a uniform cross-section over their entire lenght and due to their homogeneus molecular structure ; they are perfect electrical conductors.

Air Cooled Round Stranded Cables for Welding Machines


These connectors are produced from highly flexible round stranded copper cables equipped with solderless pressed seamles E Cu tubes as contact areas at the ends.


They provide multi-dimensional movement flexibility as well as high current transfer at welding machines. We deliver them also with punched rubber insulation tube if needed.


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