ODU-MAC -Silver-line




Maximum reliability over time, numerous transmission varieties


An all-rounder for automatic docking: With six different docking frames available in custom lengths, the ODU-MAC Silver-Line is universally applicable. Its robust hybrid interface stands out thanks to its high level of failure-safety and optional quick-change head solution with minimal maintenance requirements. High packing density and vibration resistance round off this high-performance package.



6 robust docking frame types that can be configured in customizes lengths


 Maximum packing density up to 10 signal contacts per 2.54 mm module


 High level of failure safety and contact security vibration resistant


30 different high-speed inserts in the area of data technology


Stable low contact resistance


Long service life ( > 100,000 mating cycles à up to 1 million according to some customers)


Wide variety of transmission modules


Optional quick-change head for minimal maintenance requirements (USP)


Strain relief housing

ODU-MAC White-Line




Compact top performance with modular versatility


Whether Snap-In, spindle or lever locking, the ODU-MAC White-Line makes manual mating as simple as it is versatile. Ergonomic handling is guaranteed, thanks to an almost limitless variety of plastic and metal housings. This hybrid connector with its wide range of modules from the ODU-MAC modular system offers custom solutions for your specific application. Fully non-magnetic versions are available upon request.



Various locking options (Snap-In, spindle or lever)


Maximum packing density (through pitches from 2.54 mm = 1 unit)


High level of failure safety and contact security


30 different high-speed inserts in the area of data technology


> 100,000 mating cycles


Wide variety of transmission modules


Stable low contact resistance


Optional non-magnetic version available

ODU-MAC Blue-Line





Efficient manual mating solutions with modular versatility


The simple, hybrid connector solution for manual mating that anyone can assemble on site. Fitted with ODU’s time-tested spindle locking system in a new standard plastic housing − a true advantage  - in the ODU-MAC Blue-Line market. This efficient connector system is a modular which can be configured in the smallest of spaces and is available in a plastic or metal housing.



Easy handling: tool-free clip assembly and removal of modules


 Simple front removal of crimp-clip contacts,


 Consolidation functions for clip modules to avoid mismating


Plastic and metal housings with spindle or lever locking


With a maximum 740 contacts, the most compact hybrid connector available on the market (1 unit = 2.4 mm)


Wide range of transmission options: signal, power, high current, coax, compressed air, data rates and fiber optics


Separate PCB modules for effective contacting in the termination area


> 10,000 mating cycles



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